This Is How Powerful The Mind-Body Connection Really Is

The interaction of our thoughts with the physical material world is of huge interest today, garnering increasing attention by academics around the world. Despite a wealth of scientific data showing that one can influence the other, and even more evidence proving that certain emotional states can lead to chronic illness, many who work in mainstream medicine remain entirely ignorant of…

CIA Document Confirms Reality Of Humans With ‘Special Abilities’ Able To Do ‘Impossible’ Things

Cases of mind influencing matter have been reported throughout history and across many cultures, more specifically in regard to ‘supernormal’ abilities which include telepathy, psychokinesis, and other phenomena that lie within the realms of parapsychology. This is evident in ancient literature, from the Vedic texts and the yoga sutras, to Jesus, Moses, Milarepa,  Mohammed and more….

Paralyzed Monkey Walks Again Thanks To New Brain Implant

Paralyzed macaques with major spinal injuries were able to walk again less than six days after suffering their crippling lesions, thanks to a new system called a brain-spine interface. Using strategically placed electrical implants, the new technology bypasses the damaged region of the spine, allowing signals to travel between the brain and the legs. In…