Vietnamese American To Play The ‘Biggest New Part’ In ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

By: Ryan General/NEXTSHARK  “The Last Jedi” panel at the Star Wars Celebration on Friday unveiled the character Rose, a “Resistance” maintenance worker played by Asian American Kelly Marie Tran. While it was revealed that she will be joining the main heroes from “The Force Awakens”, not much else was made known about Tran’s character during the panel….

United Airlines Loses $800-Million in Value One Day After Asian Doctor’s Assault

By: Ryan General/NEXTSHARK United Airlines has probably realized by now that violently dragging a customer off a plane is bad for business. A day after the fiasco involving the deplaning of an Asian customer made headlines and earned massive outrage everywhere, United’s market capitalization, (the company’s current value), fell by over $750-million, according to Gizmodo. United’s market cap, which was…

Australian Authorities Hunt Platypus Serial Killer After Animals Found Decapitated In Park

By: Katy Evans/IFLScience  Why, people, just… why? Authorities in New South Wales, Australia, have announced the baffling news that they’re searching for an apparent platypus serial killer after discovering the bodies of three of the creatures dumped in a park. The bodies were found in Albury Botanic Gardens. Appallingly, two of them had been decapitated and…

Earth, Then And Now: Dramatic Changes In Our Planet Revealed By Incredible NASA Images

By: Bright Side  If you compare some of the photographs which can be found on NASA’s website, you can really see how human beings have changed the appearance of our world over the years. The time difference between these images ranges from five to 100 years. Incredible stuff. Pedersen Glacier, Alaska. Summer, 1917 — summer, 2005. Aral Sea, Central Asia. August, 2000 — August, 2014….

A Pediatrician Just Laid Out How To Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse—And She’s Begging You To Listen

By: Jenny Rapson/For Every Mom Recently, a good friend of mine shared a Facebook post by one of her friends, who happens to be a pediatrician. The post was on something that should be of interest to ALL parents: child sexual abuse; specifically, when it happens, where it happens, and WHO victimizes our kids and how to…