There Is A Veterinarian That Walks Around California Treating Pets Of Homeless People For Free

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Poverty has increased over the past few years, even in the land of opportunity, the US. There are a staggering amount of homeless people all across America – over half a million people currently. And of that number, California has the bulk with over 150,000 people last year. It is a sad plight, and thank God that there are some good Samaritans who go out of their way to help the homeless. Soup kitchens and shelters are some of the ways society does its share to help out. Shelling out some change for a bite to eat is usually what the normal Joe does to assist the homeless. But there is one very different good Samaritan, at least in the state of California.

His name is Stewart Kwane, and he is a veterinarian by profession. He has been on a mission of mercy since 2011. But it was after the recession in 2007 that made him decide to help those in need. Being that he is a veterinarian, and knowing that some homeless people keep pets, basically so they won’t be alone, but can’t afford to care for them medically, Stewart decided to walk around and see if any of the pets needed his care.

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Using good walking shoes, and carrying his medical bag, it does not take him long to spot a homeless person with a pet in need. He gives the pet a thorough examination, to the delight of their humans. It seems from the pictures taken, the pets know he is there to help, and show their appreciation. He also runs a GoFundMe page to raise funds from donations to cover the pricey surgeries the pets may need. Like a tumor removal or dental work can cost about $1,500. Case in point is a dog called Dinker and his owner Walter “who have a connection like no other.” The dog had a rare condition that required a surgeon specialist. Dr. Kwane is working on making this happen, but knows it is extremely expensive. Donations are pouring in, “I am blown away by your generosity!”, Dr. Kwane expressed. “Giving a little can make all the difference,” he adds. He also mentions that his job has let him experience “genuine stories of love, compassion, struggle, and hope.”

The vet normally treats pets with flea infestations, ear and skin infections, and animal allergies. But some dogs need more than the usual help. Well, Dr. Kwane’s journey is shared through a TV series “The Street Vet,” and hopefully it will raise more awareness to the acts of compassion and love he gives freely. You can read on social media what people have to say about this doctor. 

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